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was this movie even real

this movie is called Kung Fu Hustle and you owe it to yourself to watch it

Parents, you owe it to your kids to talk to them about Stephen Chow.

Sorry about how sad your life must be if you are not familiar with the oeuvre of Stephen Chow

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Dowling Duncan and redesigning the American Dollar:

Why the size?
We have kept the width the same as the existing dollars. However we have changed the size of the note so that the one dollar is shorter and the 100 dollar is the longest. When stacked on top of each other it is easy to see how much money you have. It also makes it easier for the visually impaired to distinguish between notes.

Why a vertical format?
When we researched how notes are used we realized people tend to handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. You tend to hold a wallet or purse vertically when searching for notes. The majority of people hand over notes vertically when making purchases. All machines accept notes vertically. Therefore a vertical note makes more sense.

Why different colors?
It’s one of the strongest ways graphically to distinguish one note from another.

Why these designs?
We wanted a concept behind the imagery so that the image directly relates to the value of each note. We also wanted the notes to be educational, not only for those living in America but visitors as well. Each note uses a black and white image depicting a particular aspect of American history and culture. They are then overprinted with informational graphics or a pattern relating to that particular image.

$1 – The first African American president
$5 – The five biggest native American tribes
$10 – The bill of rights, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution
$20 – 20th Century America
$50 – The 50 States of America
$100 – The first 100 days of President Franklin Roosevelt. During this time he led the congress to pass more important legislations than most presidents pass in their entire term. This helped fight the economic crises at the time of the great depression. Ever since, every new president has been judged on how well they have done during the first 100 days of their term.

I get so annoyed with Americans who make fun of Canadian currency because it’s “Monopoly Money.” What? Our currency is multicoloured, see-through, holographic and almost indestructible! I guess that’s not as cool as being impossible to tell apart, wrinkly, bland and super easy to rip?

These designs are slick as hell, though.

My thoughts on this speculative design from 2010!

Living people don’t normally make it onto money (unless you’re the Queen, what what!) because it’s too dangerous: that person could do something to embarrass your country.  And whoah, I must admit to feeling gross at printing “the right to bear arms” on your $10 bill.  People were upset here in Canada when our money changed from “kids playing hockey and some poetry too" to "shot of the War Memorial" because that was already militaristic enough, thank you very much.

On the plus side, our new money also has astronauts and trains and boats on it too, so if we could somehow add in a unicorn and a dragon, we’d have the coolest money ever across any sampling of 10-year-olds.

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Happy Pi Approximation Day, everyone!  Failure is just success rounded down.

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If there was ever a sign that today’s job market is screwed for young people, it’s this GIF

According to the most recent census, 113,000 janitors in the U.S. have at least a bachelor’s degree. And, over 18,000 have a master’s degree or Ph.D.

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A brilliant metaphor

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