The floor is lava!
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Ultimate proof that cats are smart !!! more smart cats«

Cat intelligence is actually a pretty interesting topic in that the majority of studies on the subject basically have to end in the conclusion "we just don’t know" because cats are among the most uncooperative research subjects of all time. We know a great deal of cat sight, having used cats as the archetype for a vision-focused vertebrate/mammal, but we still know very little about what really goes on inside the cat mind.

Cats can be incredibly, frighteningly intelligent. When it benefits them. You try to get them to do something solely for your own amusement, and you’ll get squat. Most dogs are motivated by praise, but cats are generally only motivated by personal gain of some sort.

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The parents of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was shot dead by police in the US state of Missouri last month, have rejected the Ferguson police chief’s apology. In an interview with The Associated Press on Saturday, the 18-year-old’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, demanded police chief Tom Jackson’s ouster, while his father, Michael Brown Sr., called for the arrest of white police officer Darren Wilson, who shot their son on August 9. “An apology would be when Darren Wilson has handcuffs, processed and charged with murder,” Brown Sr. said. The fatal shooting of Brown sparked weeks of violence in Ferguson, a predominantly African-American town of 21,000. The violent protests resumed on Tuesday after a fire destroyed a memorial dedicated to the teenager. On Thursday, Jackson apologized to the family of Brown, following weeks of heavy criticism and calls for his resignation. “I want to say this to the Brown family. No one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you are feeling,” Jackson said in a video statement. “I am truly sorry for the loss of your son.” McSpadden, Brown’s mother, said, “I don’t want words, I want action.” She added that Jackson should be fired.

PressTV - Brown’s parents reject Ferguson police chief’s apology (via aboriginalnewswire)

"Violent protests," meaning peaceful protests that have been repeatedly antagonized and harassed by an aggressive police force. 

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digitized my Never Say Diet piece, and also tweaked a few little things that bothered me about the original.

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That’s a shark

True scourge of the high Cs


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"Only 5 percent of women have the type of body we see on billboards and in TV commercials. The "Expose" project wants you to see the remaining 95 percent.” (Huffington Post Article)

Tell me something.

When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body shape that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of skin markings that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of breasts that looked just like yours? An ass that looked just like yours? Scars that looked just like yours? A belly that looked just like yours? 

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